Logo Vivai (fictional company in game)

This was my Final Degree Project, four people worked on it and I was the main programmer. This project could not have been as successful if it hadn’t been for the help of my fellows.

Project Icarus In Game 01

In carrying out this project, I went through a bad period due to covid-19, in which thanks to the help of my colleagues I was able to continue working on it and they helped me overcome this

Project Icarus In Game 02

In the end, the project was splendid and it is a one of the things I am most happy about, although I would have liked to have given 100%

Project Icarus In Game 03

The game is thought to have been a 3D platformer with metroid-vania mechanics with a SCI-FI aesthetic and history. You can take a look below of the trailer and the presetation of it!

Cinematic Trailer (Spanish)
Presentation of the game like an enterprise.(Spanish)

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