«He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.»

Friedrich Nietzsche

I consider myself a person who always loves to discover new things that’s why I have the following hobbies that I love:

  • Play Video games
  • Read and write books
  • Be a creator content on Twitch
  • Cook
  • Travel

-Play video games

Being a game developer and not liking video games would be weird.

But no, this is not one of those rare occasions. I always dare to try new games even if they are not my style, that always helps me learn new things to have my own ideas in my projects

I have beautiful memories of when I was very little and played with my aunt’s first game boy. Since then I didn’t stop

-Read books

Another of my hobbies that I have been doing since I can remember, since I was little I always devoured books, and although I have had periods that I have not read much to this day I continue reading. besides that I’m running out of space for so many books

And that’s why I’m starting a project in my spare time in which I try to create my own fantastic sci-fi world. I hope I can get it published

-Content Creator on Twitch

As you can imagine, I try to spread my love for video games, both by playing the latest games and reviewing them as a developer, as well as by playing MOBAS.

And this is clear to me, my goal is not to live thanks to twitch, I just want to show the world my passion


Ok, here you have caught me, I know this hobby can be strange, but I love to enjoy and discover dishes from other countries as well as being able to cook them

Although I have to admit that my favorite food is spicy


If you add it to all of the above, the theme of traveling fits perfectly and yes, one of my «dreams» is to be able to visit all the continents and various countries, especially these, where gastronomy and culture is completely different from mine.

Have you really come this far? I can only say thank you very much for reading and getting to know me a little more