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Kawaii Nightmares

«Who controls art controls humanity»

Yukari yakumo (Touhou)

My second video game published, on this project I wanted create and learn how to insert dialogue text and traductions by myself, without using Assets of other people

In game

For this reason, this project cost me more time to complete, as well as due to problems with a defective hard drive, I almost lost the entire project.

On the other hand, I love the old Touhou bullet hell saga, so in this project I wanted to make a simple bullet hell that was inspired by that game. For this reason, in this project I dared to buy music licenses which you can listen to the ones I like the most below

Unfortunately it did not turn out as I would have liked and in the end I published it instead of leaving it unpublished. That’s why in the future I would like to remake it

I hope you enjoy them

Time To Rise
Rage Machine
No Way Back


Logo Vakinzer

Download it here

«See you space cowboy»

Cowboy bebop

This is my first videogame that i published.

Vakinzer Intro

It’s a simple video game where I refer to an old atari game. Nowadays i starting to design the next one to this, because i want do it better.

Vankizer in game

It is the first project that I did in its entirety, I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of it in just two months. As you can see I made up to two songs

Song Intro
Song in game

I have special love to this game, thanks for read this post!