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Mes: febrero 2023

Bugaboo: the flea (40 Anniversary Reboot)

As you are reading, I worked on the Bugaboo prototype as Lead Unity Developer, currently I can’t share more information than what you’re seeing:

In a few weeks when I have permission, I will post in-game images, the trailer and the link on kickstarter



For those who don’t know, bugaboo is the first spanish game, from the spectrum era and I am proud to have been in that project!

Star Fox Reference

Yes, the mythical and forgotten Star Fox, I wanted to do this minigame to learn more how to do exactly one, this helped me to know how to manage a system of waves of ships in a simple way like in Star Fox

Star Fox Reference

This project is part of the course that I have in the curriculum, the truth is that I am very happy with the result.

Project Boost

Do you remember the old games where you had a ship and you had to take it to the final platform without crashing?

Project Boost

Well, this project is exactly that, I hadn’t thought of working more on it except to learn this type and model of games, but one day I might decide to make a complete one

Inventory Practice

If the name wasn’t too obvious, it’s a practice that I did to abdicate a company about making inventories

Inventory In Game

I can’t say anything about the company, but I can show you the inventory system that I created, as well as the drawings

Fruits Challenge

We came from a time on the internet where there were «challenges» everywhere and I had to make a prototype of a first person game where you could fight for a class test.

Fruits Challenge in game

In the end I ended up trying a little more than necessary and I got something funny where you have to find the hidden fruits at the same time that you were fighting pear-dogs.


Well, I played so much to solitaire since I was young and on those endless subway rides, one day I had the necessity of make a prototype of it, and well, for this you are reading this post right now

The majestic and mythical solitaire (in Unity)

It is not a thing of the other world but hey it is a solitaire

Kawaii Nightmares

«Who controls art controls humanity»

Yukari yakumo (Touhou)

My second video game published, on this project I wanted create and learn how to insert dialogue text and traductions by myself, without using Assets of other people

In game

For this reason, this project cost me more time to complete, as well as due to problems with a defective hard drive, I almost lost the entire project.

On the other hand, I love the old Touhou bullet hell saga, so in this project I wanted to make a simple bullet hell that was inspired by that game. For this reason, in this project I dared to buy music licenses which you can listen to the ones I like the most below

Unfortunately it did not turn out as I would have liked and in the end I published it instead of leaving it unpublished. That’s why in the future I would like to remake it

I hope you enjoy them

Time To Rise
Rage Machine
No Way Back

Project Icarus

Logo Vivai (fictional company in game)

This was my Final Degree Project, four people worked on it and I was the main programmer. This project could not have been as successful if it hadn’t been for the help of my fellows.

Project Icarus In Game 01

In carrying out this project, I went through a bad period due to covid-19, in which thanks to the help of my colleagues I was able to continue working on it and they helped me overcome this

Project Icarus In Game 02

In the end, the project was splendid and it is a one of the things I am most happy about, although I would have liked to have given 100%

Project Icarus In Game 03

The game is thought to have been a 3D platformer with metroid-vania mechanics with a SCI-FI aesthetic and history. You can take a look below of the trailer and the presetation of it!

Cinematic Trailer (Spanish)
Presentation of the game like an enterprise.(Spanish)

Thanks you so much for see this post !


Logo Vakinzer

Download it here

«See you space cowboy»

Cowboy bebop

This is my first videogame that i published.

Vakinzer Intro

It’s a simple video game where I refer to an old atari game. Nowadays i starting to design the next one to this, because i want do it better.

Vankizer in game

It is the first project that I did in its entirety, I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of it in just two months. As you can see I made up to two songs

Song Intro
Song in game

I have special love to this game, thanks for read this post!