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Bullet Hell Project

Despite having previously completed the development of my game «Kawaii Nightmares«, it is important to note that it was created during the initial phase of my experience as a Unity Game Developer. As a result, I utilized this project as a platform to revisit and refine certain mechanics, thereby enhancing code functionality with improved efficiency.

In this undertaking, I endeavored to impart a distinctive Western aesthetic to the bullet hell genre, adopting an arcade-inspired and minimalist design approach. This strategic decision was intended to deliver a dynamic and captivating gameplay experience, characterized by its fast-paced nature, to the player.

a short video from this project

Metroidvania project

This project represents a small-scale endeavor wherein I assumed responsibility for the development of a Metroidvania-style game, with the aim of advancing my proficiency in Unity.

During the development process, my primary focus was to deliver a seamless player experience while simultaneously presenting a challenging gameplay. Furthermore, this project served as a valuable opportunity to enhance my command over the «Cinemachine» tool and refine my expertise in tile editing and drawing, which will be vital for a forthcoming, more ambitious project currently in progress.

The core objective of the game is to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience for enthusiasts of the Metroidvania genre.

A short video from this project


This mini project represents my commitment to advancing my proficiency in Unity through the creation of a straightforward quiz game.

The game mechanics are designed to be user-friendly, requiring players to select the correct answer within a predetermined time frame.

The main emphasis of this game is its flexibility for easy customization, particularly for educational purposes. It provides a simple yet effective means of reinforcing the material learned by students.

Short video of Quiz project

Snowboarding 2D Project

Welcome to one of my latest programming venture. This mini project represents my endeavor to expand my expertise in Unity by creating a simplistic snowboarding game.

The game mechanics are straightforward, enabling players to execute turns in both directions and accelerate to enhance their jumping abilities.

The primary objective of the game is to provide a soothing and enjoyable experience for players, allowing them to unwind from their daily lives.

Several noteworthy games serve as sources of inspiration for this project:

  • Alto’s Adventure Game (link)
  • Hill Climb Racing (link)

Bugaboo: the flea (40 Anniversary Reboot)

As you are reading, I worked on the Bugaboo prototype as Lead Unity Developer, currently I can’t share more information than what you’re seeing:

In a few weeks when I have permission, I will post in-game images, the trailer and the link on kickstarter



For those who don’t know, bugaboo is the first spanish game, from the spectrum era and I am proud to have been in that project!

Star Fox Reference

Yes, the mythical and forgotten Star Fox, I wanted to do this minigame to learn more how to do exactly one, this helped me to know how to manage a system of waves of ships in a simple way like in Star Fox

Star Fox Reference

This project is part of the course that I have in the curriculum, the truth is that I am very happy with the result.

Project Boost

Do you remember the old games where you had a ship and you had to take it to the final platform without crashing?

Project Boost

Well, this project is exactly that, I hadn’t thought of working more on it except to learn this type and model of games, but one day I might decide to make a complete one

Inventory Practice

If the name wasn’t too obvious, it’s a practice that I did to abdicate a company about making inventories

Inventory In Game

I can’t say anything about the company, but I can show you the inventory system that I created, as well as the drawings

Fruits Challenge

We came from a time on the internet where there were «challenges» everywhere and I had to make a prototype of a first person game where you could fight for a class test.

Fruits Challenge in game

In the end I ended up trying a little more than necessary and I got something funny where you have to find the hidden fruits at the same time that you were fighting pear-dogs.


Well, I played so much to solitaire since I was young and on those endless subway rides, one day I had the necessity of make a prototype of it, and well, for this you are reading this post right now

The majestic and mythical solitaire (in Unity)

It is not a thing of the other world but hey it is a solitaire

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